Dalyan Iztuzu Beach

Mugla / Dalyan


Twelve kilometers from the centre of Dalyan lies the five kilometer long sandbar that juts out from the mainland into the Mediterranean Sea. This site was earmarked for development until it was brought to the attention of authorities that it was one of the last nesting grounds for the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. A campaign with David Bellamy and a local conservationist Kaptan June (Haimhoff) were successful in stopping the development of Iztuzu Beach . Chaise lounges and beach umbrellas for rent are available at the beach, and cold drinks and snacks are served throughout the day. To reach Iztuzu, you can either take Dolmus (mini-bus), or a boat. The boat trip takes approximately 30 minutes, winding its way down the river through the rustling reeds to the open tip of the beach. The Dolmus travels lakeside through beautiful winding roads down to the Beach, and this takes around 20 minutes. In either way the trip itself is worth experiencing and the price is quite reasonable.

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