Beware of Scammers

In Turkey, which has been applied for many years in the world, the new holiday concept, which has been preferred and interested in recent years, provides various advantages to the guests to have a holiday in a summer villa. The dream of vacationing in the villa comes true. Today, real estate and tourism companies prepare summer villas for guests in the world-famous and most beautiful holiday resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions and present them to the guests. Real estate and tourism companies, which also benefit from developing internet technologies, create websites and offer services to their guests from their websites. Renting a summer villa from the website brings many advantages such as saving time, choosing from numerous villas, instant booking, getting information about the villa. However, nowadays, villa rental service is also being used by malicious people.

Malicious people are trying to defraud the guests who want to have a vacation in the rental villa. Namely; Without a web page, only an e-mail address can post a summer villa for rent on free advertisement sites on the internet. In order to be convincing, they can also write their mobile phone number, e-mail address, name and surname to be contacted. When contacted via e-mail address, malicious people can send beautiful villa photos from foreign websites to increase credibility and say these are the villa images you will stay in. In order to convince the guests who want to have a holiday in the villa, they can send a villa rental contract.

As it is known, a part of the rental fee is taken in advance during the villa reservation and these malicious people demand the said fee. However, there are neither villas nor people who really provide villa rental services. Guests can be defrauded in this way. For these reasons, guests should definitely do a research in order not to fall into the trap of malicious people. Malicious people can also try to reach their goals through the web page. However, they do not specify an open address on the web page, and when this is the case, guests who want to get villa rental service do not believe and do not trust.

When the web page of the real estate and tourism companies working in the villa rental service sector, which provides rental services on the web page, is examined, there is full address, telephone, name and surname information. There is corporate information on the About Us page on the website.

Note: Do not rent villas from those who do not have a company account, their own website and tax plate. Even if they send you a contract.