Rental Terms

Villa/Apartment Rental Agreement


This contract; The starting and ending dates between the lessor of the "VILLA/APARTMENT" (hereinafter referred to as the "CLIENT") and the lessor of the "VILLA/APARTMENT" (hereinafter referred to as "Yeşilfıstık Turizm. APARTMENT” was made for the purpose of renting. Customers and accompanying persons who make a reservation for any of our "villas/apartments" announced on the "" website via our internet page or via telephone or e-mail are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance. Violation of any of the following conditions gives “Yeşilfıstık Turizm” the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, to request the customer to leave the villa/apartment, not to refund the deposit received, deposit rental fee, and to demand all unpaid rental fees. gives.


Pre-reservation can be made via the reservation form on our Villa/Apart website via e-mail. Yeşilfıstık Turizm rental conditions specify the dates you will rent the Villa/Apartment you want to rent, and your pre-lease process is made. Yeşilfıstık Turizm takes 20% of the total fee to be paid for the villa/apartment as a deposit payment after the pre-lease is made. If the deposit is paid within 1 (one) business day after the pre-rental is made, the villa/apartment is reserved and held in your name. The deposit amount you have to pay and our bank account numbers will also be notified to you via e-mail. Transfer, EFT, within 1 (one) business day of the deposit, a written confirmation of the Villa/Apartment will be sent to you within 1 business day at the latest when the deposit is received. Within the rental, the total fee, the deposit received and the dates on which the villa was rented are reported. In case the deposit is not deposited, Yeşilfıstık Turizm will be able to use the right to cancel the pre-reservation and get another reservation for the villa/apartment without informing the customer. The remaining fee of the villa/apartment is paid in advance/bank transfer at the delivery of the villa/apartment after the contract is concluded. Again, Yeşilfıstık Turizm, due to the fact that the rented goods are delivered furnished to the customer, the goods are broken, broken, damaged, lost, lost, etc. Although there is a damage deposit of £200, this deposit is taken in cash (in cash) at the delivery of the Villa/Apartment. Damage deposit will be returned to the customer if it is not missing and undamaged after the inventory is counted at the customer’s exit.


The entrance time to the villa/apartment on the reservation start day is 15.00 at the earliest and 20.00 at the latest. The departure time from the villa/apartment at the end of the reservation is 11:00 in the morning at the latest. We strongly remind you that travel plans are made according to these hours so that both parties do not suffer. In case of early check-out, Yeşilfıstık Turizm must be informed 24 hours in advance. In case the customer leaves the villa/apartment without being able to control the villa/apartment due to congestion, the damage deposit will be sent to a bank account to be notified by the customer.


Guests are not accepted to our Villas/Apartments/Apartments above the capacity specified on our website or the number of people specified when making the reservation. (Including children and babies.) If the customer wishes to make a change in the number of people after the reservation is finalized, Yeşilfıstık Turizm will be applied in writing and this change will be made if Yeşilfıstık Turizm deems appropriate according to the capacity of the villa/apartment/apartment. can be approved. Yeşilfıstık Turizm may charge additional fees from the customer. After entering the villa/apartment/apartment, guests are not accepted to the villa/apartment/apartment, except for the guests specified in the reservation list. In cases where it is determined to the contrary, Yeşilfıstık Turizm has the right to request the guests to leave the villa/apartment/apartment, to cancel the reservation completely or to request the villa/apartment/apartment to be completely evacuated without waiting for the end of the rental period, to demand the full price and an extra fee. At the stage of renting the villa/apartment/apartment, action is taken in line with the customer’s declaration, and the customer accepts all responsibilities that may arise in this regard, that the information he has given is correct and complete.


Daily, weekly, monthly villa/apartment/apartment rental prices include entrance cleaning. Weekly cleaning and towels/sheets etc for stays of 2 (two) weeks. change is included in the price. Apart from this, all kinds of cleaning and towels / sheets etc. to be requested. exchange is subject to a fee. Pool and garden maintenance are carried out early every morning, and if there is any technical problem from the villa during the rental period, Yeşilfıstık Turizm will be resolved by In order to carry out the periodic maintenance of the pool, garden and other fixtures of all villas/apartments/apartments, the personnel in charge must enter the garden or inside the villa/apartment/apartment. In order for these services to be carried out without interruption, the customer must allow the personnel in charge to enter the villa/apartment/apartment when necessary. Unless otherwise stated on the villa/apartment/apartment detail page on our website, electricity, water, bottled gas, pool lighting, internet connection and air conditioning are included in the prices. Pool lighting, air conditioning and internet may not be available as standard in all our villas/apartments/apartments, so it is recommended that you carefully read the properties of the villa/apartment/apartment you are renting from our villa/apartment/apartment properties page.


Unless otherwise stated, pets are not allowed in our villas/apartments/apartments. Smoking is not allowed in the closed areas of all of our Villas/Apartments/Apartments.


Unless otherwise stated, parties, weddings, etc. in our villas/apartments/flats. Events are strictly not accepted.


Villa/apartment rental prices stated on our website are daily and weekly. Deposit can be made in cash or by transfer to our bank accounts, via EFT.


In cancellations made up to 30 days before your entry to the villa/apartment, from the moment you make the payment (via EFT, or Money Transfer) of the villa/apartment price deposited to our account, your full prepayment fee will be paid, because all of this payment will be incurred for the villa/apartment. It was made as a prepayment to the owner of the flat. You have to pay the remaining amount to us by cash/bank transfer at the entrance to the villa/apartment.

The customer can cancel their trip before the trip begins. It is obligatory for the customer to make the cancellation notice to Yeşilfıstık Turizm in writing, and notifications that are not made in writing cannot be accepted.

In case of cancellation, Yeşilfıstık Turizm will receive certain percentages over the total costs of the services specified in the travel agreement in order to cover the precautions and expenses taken by Yeşilfıstık Turizm. These amounts were determined as follows. Cancellation conditions;

-100% refund for bookings cancelled 30 days prior to the check-in date.No refund for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the check-in date.

In the event that the customer pays the entire price of the villa/apartment to Yeşilfıstık Turizm at his own request (via EFT or money order), 20% of the price paid in cancellations made until 30 days before the villa/apartment is paid. twenty percent) will burn. Because 20% (twenty percent) of this price has been paid to the owner of the villa/apartment.

For any reason, the villa/apartment reservation is made by Yeşilfıstık Turizm In case of cancellation by the customer, this situation will be notified to the customer as soon as possible. If there is an equivalent villa/apartment available on the same dates in our portfolio, it will be proposed to the customer. If an alternative cannot be found, the prepayment received will be returned to the customer.

If the customer does not make the remaining payment on time, Yeşilfıstık Turizm reserves the right to cancel the said reservation, not to reimburse the previously paid fee and to make another reservation for this villa/apartment. Reservation cancellations can be made in writing (e.g. by e-mail or by registered letter with return receipt). Reservation cancellations made by talking over the phone are definitely not valid. Reservation cancellations are valid from the moment the letter reaches Yeşilfıstık Turizm

Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible. All of the price shown in the contract becomes due on the agreed delivery date of the villa/apartment/, and all legal rights of Yeşilfıstık Turizm in this regard are reserved.


You have the right to change the dates you book, but subject to a few conditions.
The change is only valid for the same villa and the same year, and the reservation change processing fee is £30. Changing your reservation date, even one day, means that all forms sent to the host and you are changed and resent. It means the recalculation of the price differences arising from the season change, the prepayment fee made to the landlord and the change of the invoices. This fee is demanded because it brings a serious workload to us.
It is a separate criterion when you want to change your reservation date before your check-in date. If there is less than 45 days left before your check-in date, you cannot change the date. The reason for this is that when the period reserved for you is less than 45 days, the probability of being rented to another guest is very low.


Depending on the characteristics of each villa/apartment/apartment, a different amount of damage deposit will be collected from the customer. This deposit amount will be included in the confirmation document sent to the customer during the reservation process. The damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of entry to the villa/apartment/apartment, and in the control to be made before the customer leaves the villa/apartment/apartment, there will be no damage, missing, etc. If not, it will be refunded in cash. If the customer wishes to leave the villa/apartment/apartment earlier than specified in the contract, or if the exit control of the villa/apartment/apartment cannot be made due to busyness, the deposit will be sent to an account number to be taken from the customer. If the damage to the villa/apartment/apartment exceeds the deposit received, the customer will be asked to pay for this damage, otherwise legal action will be taken.


Swimming Pool temperatures of our villas/apartments/flats; It varies according to the weather condition and seasonal temperature, the customer who rents the villa/apartment/apartment cannot be held responsible for not being able to enter the pool due to the coldness of the pool and therefore not being able to use the pool. The customer who will rent the villa/apartment/apartment, in order to learn the weather conditions on the date of renting the villa; They can get information from the website of the General Directorate of State Meteorology or by calling the General Directorate of State Meteorology by phone.


Yeşilfıstık Turizm ; is responsible for delivering the villa/apartment/apartment to the customer at the specified date and time, clean and ready for use. At the entrance to the villa/apartment/apartment, if there is any broken, non-working item or malfunction, the customer should immediately notify Yeşilfıstık Turizm and request the removal of these malfunctions. Yeşilfıstık Turizm  will notify this request to the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment or the relevant company and will ensure that this defect is rectified within 48 hours at the latest. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for the failures not reported on time. Yeşilfıstık Turizm is an intermediary between the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment and the customer, and therefore the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment is responsible for eliminating any malfunctions that may occur in the villa/apartment/apartment. Apart from this, any accident, illness, injury, drowning in the pool, death, theft, etc. that may occur and are under the responsibility of the customers. and fire, theft, etc. that may occur in the villa/apartment/apartment. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents. Apart from this, the customer’s travel, shopping, food, beverage, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance services, etc. to be received from third parties / companies during the holiday, on their return to the villa / apartment / apartment. Yeşilfıstık Turizm shall not be responsible for any problems arising from any service such as After leaving the villa/apartment/apartment, the customer cannot demand any right or reimbursement for a service that he did not receive due to a malfunction or malfunction that he did not notify to Yeşilfıstık Turizm


Yeşilfıstık TurizmThe owners of each villa/apartment/flat are different people, individuals, institutions, companies. Yeşilfıstık Turizm is an intermediary (broker) for renting the villas/apartments/flats of individuals, individuals, institutions, companies to the customer, therefore Yeşilfıstık Turizm only issues an intermediary (broker) invoice. In other words, it earns a certain brokerage (brokerage) profit from the fee paid by the customer and invoices this profit. Since the other remaining profit is the profit of the owner of the villa/apartment/apartment, it does not invoice the rest. The owner of the villa/apartment/apartment pays his tax to the government at the end of the year under the name of the rental income statement. Yeşilfıstık Turizm is obliged to issue invoices only for the profit it earns, it does not issue invoices for the profits of third parties, institutions, individuals, companies, it is not responsible for this, cannot be held responsible.


Customers are obliged to use the villa/apartment/apartment, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic goods and other furniture in the villa/apartment/apartment that are delivered to them in working and intact condition. Customers have to leave all kitchen utensils delivered to them clean in the same way. The villa/apartment/apartment must be delivered to the villa/apartment/apartment on the day of departure, with all the garbage thrown away and the dishes washed. Otherwise, and in cases where the villa/apartment/apartment is left dirty beyond reasonable measures, Yeşilfıstık Turizm will collect a cleaning fee from the damage deposit.

In case of any damage to the villa/apartment/apartment, the customers are obliged to inform Yeşilfıstık Turizm If the damage deposit has been taken, the cost of any damage to the villa/apartment/apartment that the customers may cause during their stay will be deducted from this deposit, and in case of damage exceeding the damage deposit, the customer will be requested to pay in cash.

In addition, the customer and the people accompanying them should pay attention to comply with the social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, not to listen to loud music, and not to engage in criminal behaviors that are prohibited by the laws of our country. Yeşilfıstık Turizm has the right to ask the customer to vacate the villa/apartment/apartment before the reservation period expires, in case a complaint reaches Yeşilfıstık Turizm

Yeşilfıstık Turizm does not guarantee 100% invisibility for our customers who will stay in the villas specified on the web page and defined as sheltered / fully sheltered (villas whose pool is not visible from the outside). Regarding invisibility, customers have to ensure their own privacy. Yeşilfıstık Turizm , does not accept responsibility for such problems. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for such problems.

The Tenant (Customer) has to read, understand and sign the "Villa/Apartment/Apartment Rental Agreement" arranged by Yeşilfıstık Turizm at the entrance of the Villa/Apart/flat, otherwise; All monies paid to Yeşilfıstık Turizm shall have the right to demand all the price in the contract. You can get a copy of the Villa/Apartment/Apartment Rental Agreement from our website, or you can request it from the Yeşilfıstık Turizm official.

Force Majeure

In cases falling within the scope of force majeure, Yeşilfıstık Turizm and the customer may mutually terminate this agreement without any legal responsibility. Wars in the country, natural disasters in the accommodation area, epidemics throughout the country will be evaluated within the scope of force majeure. In cases included in the "force majeure" item, the 20% prepayment and external money received will be returned to the customer or the reservation will be suspended.


Customers shall immediately notify Yeşilfıstık Turizm The situation that is the subject of the complaint will be examined by Yeşilfıstık Turizm officials and the necessary measures will be taken immediately. Yeşilfıstık Turizm shall not be held responsible for the complaints that are not reported during the stay, that will be made after the accommodation is over and after leaving the villa/apartment/apartment.


Yeşilfıstık Turizm will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Yeşilfıstık Turizm never sells the personal information of visitors, registered users and partners to third parties. Personal information; means all kinds of information to identify the user, such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address. Yeşilfıstık Turizm  will be able to use personal information within its own body for the purpose of determining user profile and performing statistical studies and may share it with third parties only for the purpose of carrying out these studies. Yeşilfıstık Turizm takes the necessary measures to keep personal information strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. undertakes to receive and show the necessary care. Despite Yeşilfıstık Turizm will not be liable. It may link to other sites within the site. does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed via the link. detects and uses the IP addresses of users when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in a general way and to gather comprehensive demographic information.


1) The roads leading to the Villa/Apartment/Apartment are broken, uphill, stabilized, wet ground etc. Like, Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible in cases where Yeşilfıstık Turizm

2) Accidents etc. that may occur during transportation to the Villa/Apartment/Apartment. In short, Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for any kind of negativity.

3) If different materials used in the construction of some villas (cedar wood, pine wood, some plastic products, all kinds of plants in the garden or inside the villa) disturb the customer in terms of health or psychology, Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible.

4) Customers who will stay in all our Villas/Apartments/Apartments may need a private vehicle. It is the customer’s own responsibility to reach the villa/apartment/apartment. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible.

5) The customer may obtain a taxi, transfer vehicle or rental vehicle from third parties. Yeşilfıstık Turizm does not interfere with the transfer or taxi service that will be rented or leased from third parties. It is the customer’s own responsibility.

6) Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible if the customer who has rented the villa or apartment or flat is dissatisfied with the geographical location of the rented villa or apartment or flat.

7) Yeşilfıstık Turizm has marked the location of the villa/apartment/apartment approximately on Google Map.

8) Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for any damage to your private or rented vehicle during transportation to the villa/apartment/apartment.

9) The bottom of the vehicle (engine, automobile, etc.) of the customer who has rented the Villa/Apartment/Apartment is close to the ground, the vehicle’s engine power is weak, the customer; automobile, engine etc. Any negativity that may arise due to inexperience in using it and accordingly inability to reach the villa/apartment is the customer’s own responsibility. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for such or similar problems.

10) The "distance table" specified on the "" detail page about the Villa/Apart/Apartment is written approximately. Distances are not precisely specified. There may be minor errors. The customer who rents the Villa/Apartment/Apartment agrees to take this into account.

11) The distances specified in the "distance table" on the "" detail page about the Villa/Apart/Apartment, the nearest restaurant, the nearest beach, the nearest settlement, the nearest public transport route and the nearest airport. written with that in mind. Yeşilfıstık Turizm does not accept responsibility if the specified restaurant or market is closed.

12) Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for all accidents that may occur in the pool in the villa/apartment/apartment, such as drowning, falling, broken feet, broken arms.

13) Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for all accidents and incidents caused by the customer in the Villa/Apartment/Apartment, fire, electricity leakage, tube leakage and the resulting deaths and accidents, telephone and internet cut-offs caused by telecom, power cuts caused by the Electricity Company. .

14) Our Villas/Apartments/apartments that we have mentioned on our site are exactly the same, they are not as seen on the site, they look better on the site, they are bigger on the site, etc. such reasons are unacceptable and Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible.

15) Scorpion, insect sting, dog bite and etc. Yeşilfıstık Turizm cannot be held responsible for the events.

16) Funeral, death, wedding, health problem, accident or cancellation of leave of public or private company personnel, etc. In such cases, the rental conditions are strictly valid and there is no cancellation.

17) We recommend that our guests take out travel insurance. Accident, theft, etc. that may occur during your holiday. Insurance is a must for compensation of damage in such problems. Our company or the owner of the villa is not responsible for material and moral problems that may arise.

18) We have the right to cancel and refund the payments made without a reservation confirmation.

19) Our company has the right to cancel the reservation without giving any reason.

20) Our company or home owners are not responsible for interruptions caused by service providers (Internet, Electricity, Water, etc.).

The customer has accepted all the conditions we have stated above, and this etc. In the event that it tries to terminate the lease agreement by producing reasons, Yeşilfıstık Turizm


Ortaca Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues covered by this contract.