We are very proud and excited to present one of the most popular excursions of all seasons. Here we will spend a day full of sun, sailing, swimming, sightseeing, eating and drinking and a great adventure with you.

* Just before 10:00, we meet with the guests and after the welcome and meeting, we start walking towards the boat on the Dalyan river, where the boat is located.

*Coffee, tea and cookies (juice for children) will be offered to you during your welcome as you go down the river where you will see the magnificent view of the Ancient Rock Tombs and the surrounding countryside. During this time, you will have great opportunities to take photos and even do some nature observation – the area is famous for its birdlife and of course the famous Caretta Turtles.

*Leaving the mouth of the river at Turtle Beach, we will sail to Ekincik cave, which is our first stop along the coast. This is truly a wonderful place, you will find Mother Nature in all her glory, using the power of the sea to carve this cave for thousands of years. You can go swimming and snorkeling to explore this place, or maybe with a drink in hand, you can admire the amazing views from the deck!! As always, the choice is yours.

*After this wonderful location, we will go to Ekincik Village. Upon arrival at this beautiful spot, you will be anchored in the crystal clear waters so you can take a swimming break - definitely a place to snorkel or paddle board. Then the boat crew and the captain will go to Karaçay. To prepare lunch. In the meantime, while your meals are being prepared, you can swim in a way that will whet your appetite, or you can sit in the sun and chat with your family and friends and maybe make new friends. *Your lunch will be a magnificent feast, barbecue consisting of meat, fish and chicken varieties, freshly picked and cooked appetizers, organic vegetables, salads and much more. Vegetarian and vegan diets are also catered for. If you have any special dietary needs, simply let us know when booking - Boat, we are experts who work regularly with yoga groups, often with special dietary needs. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be plentiful. *After lunch, he sets off for another magnificent stop, Dikili Taş, for a swimming break. Imagine feeling the sun’s warming rays on your skin while enjoying another dive of the day, or perhaps you prefer to lie in the sun and watch the flow of life. Another chance to enjoy the splendor of the landscape. You can also choose to go swimming first with homemade baklava and fresh fruit treats. Finally, at around 17:00, we will anchor and return upriver to Dalyan Port

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